A Brief Guide to Digitization Customer Experience


In today’s world, digitization customer experience has elevated replacing old user engagement methods with new ones. However, it is not only limited to that, users expect various brands to take a digital-first approach to customer experience (CX). 

In simpler terms, digitizing customer experience means creating and optimizing CX that involves migration of existing processes, tools, and strategies into a digital-first environment. For instance, mobile applications. According to research, mobile app conversions are 3X higher than mobile website conversions. Digitization customer experience also refers to finding ways of minimizing repetitive tasks, enhancing efficiency, and boosting productivity. AI and automation also play a key role in providing insights into customer experience through various digital platforms. Let’s dig more into it. 

Importance of Digitization Customer Experience

Digitization CX is becoming an essential part of companies or brands of all sizes in every industry. It is very important for the following reasons:

1. Revenue Generation: Digital transformation and revenue growth go hand in hand. They are correlated to each other. According to a recent study by Deloitte, companies with a high level of digital transformation maturity record 45% higher revenue growth than the low level of mature counterparts.

2. Increase in Customer Satisfaction: Digitization CX and digital strategy ensures that you can connect with users on proper channels and know about their experiences. 

3. Better Accessibility to Data: Digitizing helps in improving the insights with digital tools. You can learn about the user’s buying habits, preferences, and more.


Digitization Customer Experience vs Customer Experience

The terms ‘digital customer experience’ and ‘customer experience’ look the same, however, they have different meanings aligned to them. Customer experience or CX refers to the entire customer experience, both physical and digital. Whereas, as the name suggests, digital customer experience (DCX)  refers to the experience that is provided over digital platforms, mobile applications, websites, and social media. For optimizing the digital customer experience, DCX and CX should be embedded together on a comprehensive level. 

How to Digitize Customer Experience?

1. Know Your Strategy: For defining your strategy, there is a framework you can follow:

  • Starting Point: Begin by building a user journey map and find out about the potential opportunities for digitization customer experience. 
  • Goals: State your goals for the digitization customer experience process and include the benefits you are aiming for. 
  • Resources: Finally, outline the strategies for attaining your goal. Write down all the requirements such as tools, people, including investment.


2. Find Out Digital Customer Experience Channels: Digital Customer Experience channels are those where you can interact with businesses. It includes websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, email and chatbots.

3. Use Digital Experience Software for Analysis: Brands are not relying on digital analytics software to transform this data into deep insights. Every digital channel should have analytics software in place.

4. Create a Data-Led User Persona: The user persona plays an important part in aligning a brand’s products, services, and processes with your user’s needs. Analytics help in finding out common insights such as user flow patterns, purchase histories, usage trends, and more.