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What is Firmli technology platform?

Firmli stands out as a purpose-built technology platform that enables student recruitment, admissions, and consultancy firms to launch their own branded technology platform and mobile applications, eliminating the need for substantial development investments. Developed by industry experts with over two decades of experience, Firmli is a unique solution that meticulously addresses the smallest details and requirements of companies operating in this sector. It encompasses a comprehensive suite of purpose-built CRM and ERP modules, covering leads, marketing, admissions, teams, finance, university agreements, community, ambassadors, mentors, multi-office and subagent management, webinars, and more.

Firmli is not just a technological tool for your internal teams, students, and clients; it also provides companies with access to over 1000 university agreements from more than 30 countries for student recruitment. Additionally, your branded technology platform includes built-in accommodation, banking services, education loans, and other ancillary services, making your brand a one-stop solution for student needs.

Unlike other generic software in the industry, Our technology platform is a niche in the industry, continually evolving. Several AI-enabled services like Firmli AI Advisor are under development and are to be made available to all clients.

Our primary focus revolves around technological advancement with students at the center. We firmly believe that access to technology and opportunities for growth should not be restricted solely to well-funded companies. Our vision is to elevate the standards of one of the largest yet low-tech industries by providing a purpose-built advanced technology platform accessible to all stakeholders. This initiative aims not only to support them in their growth but also to facilitate scalability.

What are the benefits of Firmli’s over other CRMs solutions?

Firmli goes beyond being just a CRM; it constitutes a comprehensive suite of purpose-built CRM and ERP features specifically designed for student recruitment and admissions. Unlike other software in the market, Firmli offers a unique solution that integrates leads management, marketing, admissions, finance, subagents, multi-office management, employee targets and incentives, and much more. Existing software options are typically limited to specific functionalities such as leads management or accounting, while Firmli stands out as the only solution that provides a suite encompassing all these essential aspects and beyond.

Is your platform customizable to suit different business needs and sizes?

Yes, Firmli platform is highly customizable to accommodate varying business needs and sizes. Whether you're a small agency or a large institution, our platform can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

What makes your platform unique compared to other solutions in the market?

Our platform stands out for its versatility, scalability, and user-friendly interface. We offer a customizable solution that caters to the specific needs of student recruitment businesses, empowering them with modern digital customer experiences and automation tools.

How do you ensure compliance with international regulations in student recruitment?

We stay updated with international regulations and compliance standards relevant to student recruitment. Our platform is designed to support compliance with various regulations, ensuring that businesses can operate ethically and legally in different markets.

Do you offer ongoing updates and improvements to your platform?

Yes, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. We regularly release updates and enhancements to our platform based on user feedback and industry trends, ensuring that our customers always have access to the latest features and technologies.

Why I should consider to have my own technology platform?

Investing in Firmli, that is, having your own technology platform, is unquestionably worthwhile, given the substantial return on investment (ROI) it offers. The advantages of embracing technology extend far beyond its initial acquisition cost, providing a fraction of the investment compared to the remarkable value it brings to your brand and business.

The true value of possessing your own technology platform lies in its transformative impact on sales, admissions, and expansion beyond your region. Centralizing lead management, streamlining communication, and offering valuable insights into the entire admissions journey, it significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the admissions team. This optimization translates into time savings and directly contributes to increased enrollment numbers.

Furthermore, the streamlined and automated processes facilitated by our technology minimize the likelihood of errors, ensuring that every potential student is diligently attended to. This attention to detail and accuracy directly contributes to a positive reputation for your brand, fostering trust among prospective students, their families, and partner universities.

The value of having your own technology platform goes beyond the monetary investment. It's an investment in efficiency, reputation, and sustained growth, making it a crucial tool for your business's expansion and scalability.

For which roles mobile apps are available?

You may opt to have your own branded mobile apps for your staff (sales, marketing, admission), students, ambassadors, mentors, your subagent admin and staff members.

What kind of support and training do you provide to onboard new users?

We provide comprehensive support and training to ensure a smooth onboarding process for new users. This includes guided setup sessions, tutorials, documentation, and ongoing assistance from our dedicated support team.

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What are the key features of Firmli’s lead management module, and this is different from other lead management tools?

In addition to all the features of a generic lead management tool, like lead verification, lead score, lead duplication etc. available in the market, our specialized lead management tool is specifically designed and developed for the student recruitment industry, addressing its unique needs. Leads can originate from various sources, such as social media campaigns, webinars, admission fairs, manual collection, referrals, and more. Furthermore, these leads may pertain to diverse services like admission, education loans, accommodation, and various other categories.

The intelligently designed lead management module efficiently nurtures leads throughout the process. The system centralizes all leads in one location and automatically assigns them to your sales/call center executive based on predefined rules. For instance, if you have call center executives proficient in Nigerian languages to handle leads from Nigeria, the system automatically allocates those leads to them. The system's flexibility allows you to define rules for lead allocation based on service category, student source, destination, language, and specific institutions, significantly boosting conversion rates. Beyond allocation, it also gauges each employee's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including total touchpoints and conversions, facilitating the design of incentive policies within the system itself. The system continuously measures performance, automatically calculates incentives, and provides other key indicators.

Regularly generated individual reports offer insights into the lead management process. Our lead management tool empowers companies to efficiently acquire, convert leads, and expand their business globally.

Sales and call center teams have immediate access to firsthand information about universities, programs, eligibility, intakes, and more through their dashboard, ensuring they can guide students with up-to-date and authentic information. The in-platform and in-app audio/video feature eliminates gaps and delays, promoting better and quicker conversions.

These are just a few of the many features offered by our lead management module. For more details, schedule a demo.

What are the possible communication channels available for lead nurturing and conversion?

In-app audio/video call
In-built click to call
1-1 video counselling
Auto push notification
Whatsapp auto chatbot

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How Firmli’s admission module is different?

Firmli’s admission module is the most advanced and purpose-built module to offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the admission process. It automates various tasks, provides seamless communication tools, and ensures data security, ultimately improving the overall experience for both administrators and applicants.

Firmli’s Application management module encompasses the following key features:

  • Advanced program listing with several filters to easy shortlist and compare courses
  • Online Application Process: Facilitates convenient online application submissions.
  • Document Verification and Management: Automates document verification and provides a centralized repository for all admission-related documents.
  • Communication Tools: Equips administrators with tools like in-bilt communication, in app audio/video calling and much more for seamless interaction with applicants and parents.
  • Application Status Tracking: Allows real-time tracking of application status.

What is Firmli AI advisor?

Firmli AI Advisor (under development, secheduled to launch in Q1 2025) will reduce the counselling and will suggest study option in seconds based the student profile and interests.

What Firmli’s automation helps to grow beyond borders?

Firmli’s automation capabilities enable institutions to efficiently manage a high volume of applications from diverse geographic locations. This scalability facilitates global outreach and enables institutions to grow beyond borders by effectively managing international admissions.

What is real-time tracking of applications?

Real-time tracking of applications allows administrators to monitor the progress of each application at every stage of the admission process. This feature provides transparency and enables timely interventions if required.

How easy is it to share documents?

Firmli’s document management feature allows for the secure storage, organization, and retrieval of application documents. It ensures that all relevant materials are systematically managed, reducing the risk of errors and misplacement.

Sharing documents on the platform or through the mobile application is effortlessly simple at any time. All documents collected are automatically saved in the student's profile, allowing for their convenient reuse across multiple applications.

How easy is it to handle if we have 500 applications in a day?

Firmli’s system is designed to handle high volumes of applications efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities ensure that processing thousands of applications in a day is manageable, allowing for streamlined and organized management of a large influx of applications. It includes features such as automatic counselor assignment, task management, real-time notifications, and various tools aimed at reducing application processing time.

How does multi-channel communication work in the admission process?

Firmli’s multi-channel communication allows counsellors to engage with applicants through various mediums such as:

  • In-app audio/video call,
  • In-built conversation module,
  • Auto email,
  • SMS, and
  • Chat interfaces.

This ensures effective and personalized communication, catering to the diverse preferences of applicants.

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What are the key features of the finance module?

In the student recruitment industry, managing invoicing and finances poses significant challenges. However, we have a purpose-built, comprehensive, and advanced finance module that automates the entire invoicing process for both incoming and outgoing transactions. This module boasts a plethora of features that streamline accounting and finance operations:

  • Invoice due date notifications and reminders
  • Automatic generation of invoices to universities
  • Support for multi-currency invoices
  • Automated updates for currency exchange rates
  • Automatic payment notifications to subagents and referrals
  • Automated commission calculations
  • Subagent wallet solution
  • Integration of payment gateways for application fees
  • Cash flow forecasting and detailed reports

These are just few of many features. For details schedule a demo.

Is it possible to integrate the current accounting solution?

Yes, our finance module can be integrated with most of the known accounting solutions, providing seamless connectivity and enhancing overall Financial management. 

Does the finance module provide cash flow forecasting?

Yes, the finance module includes cash flow forecasting capabilities, allowing for better financial planning and decision-making based on detailed reports and insights.

What notifications does the finance module offer for payment and invoicing?

It provides automatic payment notifications & reminders  to subagents, university partners and referrals, enhancing transparency and efficiency in the invoicing and payment processes.

Can the finance module automate the generation of invoices to universities?

Yes, the finance module automates the generation of invoices to universities, streamlining the invoicing process and reducing manual workload for administrative staff.

How does the finance module handle currency exchange rates?

It offers automated updates for currency exchange rates, ensuring accurate invoicing and financial transactions across different currencies.

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What are the key features of university agreement or inventory management?

Our purpose-built advanced module is designed to efficiently manage all university agreements. The commission method and amount can vary based on the institute, destination, etc. For example, some universities pay commissions in a single installment, while others may pay in 2 or multiple installments. Additionally, some pay a fixed amount, while others offer a percentage of the tuition fee. There are also incentive triggers beyond set targets, among other variations.

Our university/inventory module takes care of all aspects. 

  • Automates commission calculations based on predefined rules as per the university agreement. 
  • Agreement renewal notifications, 
  • Up-to-date information on open/close intakes, 
  • Bulk updates on programs, eligibility requirements, and more. 
  • Auto notifications for incentives related to ladder commission contracts.

Can Contract Renewal Reminders be automated?

Yes, the system allows for automated reminders for contract renewal dates, reducing the risk of overlooked renewals and ensuring the seamless continuity of university partnerships and services.

What is Contract Performance Tracking, and how does it benefit universities?

Contract Performance Tracking involves analyzing the performance of university contracts against a predefined minimum number of students to be admitted at the university to maintain the contract. It enables informed decision-making and optimization of contract terms for improved operational efficiency.

Can the system send automated notifications for open/close intakes?

Yes, the system allows for automated notifications regarding the status of intakes, keeping students, faculty, and relevant personnel informed about open and closed intake periods.

Can the system generate reports on intake trends and performance?

Yes, the system offers reporting capabilities to analyze intake trends and performance, providing valuable insights for strategic planning and resource allocation based on historical data and patterns.

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What is ambassodor management and how does it works?

International students are not only selecting an institution but also choosing a country. Connect them with individuals whose journeys mirror their own to provide reassurance and inspire a sense of belonging. 

Put your students front and centre and watch them use their unique university experiences to excite and recruit best-fit prospective students from around the world.

With our technology platform, you can build ambassador cohorts in universities worldwide, allowing students to connect and hear authentic stories about their prospective universities. Enhance your competitive edge and use ambassadors to boost your student recruitment. 

To discover more, schedule a demo.

How are ambassadors compensated?

You can predefine rules to quantify and incentivize ambassadors' efforts. Ambassadors can also download a career reference to gain a head start as they transition into the world of work!

What are the key features of ambassodor module?

  1. Ambassador and Mentor mobile app
  2. Ambassador Outreach & engagement
  3. Mentor matching & pairing
  4. Build student communities
  5. Ambassdor payments and reference certificate
  6. Resources & Training 
  7. Performance Evaluation 
  8. Community Events & Webinars 

Want to learn more… schedule a demo.

How can I enhance student recruitment using ambassadors?

By putting students at the forefront and allowing them to share their authentic university experiences, you can excite and recruit best-fit prospective students from around the world. This enhances your competitive edge and boosts student recruitment.

What is the role of ambassadors in connecting international students with universities?

Ambassadors play a crucial role in connecting international students with universities by sharing their authentic stories and experiences, providing reassurance, and inspiring a sense of belonging among prospective students.

How does the mentor matching and pairing feature benefit the ambassador program?

The mentor matching and pairing feature facilitates the establishment of meaningful connections between mentors and mentees, providing valuable guidance and support within the ambassador program.

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What does the subagent module and who should consider utilizing it?

A pioneering solution in the industry, Firmli empowers clients to establish and expand their B2B business beyond borders. While many companies have been assisting students for the past 2-3 decades using traditional methods, their growth is often constrained by a lack of capital and a technology-centric approach. 

Firmli offers a comprehensive solution, providing clients with a full stack to build and operate their own technology platform for B2B business. This includes processes such as onboarding, compliance checks, subagent training, application processing, commission management, and more.

Is it possible for sub agents to create multiple branches on our branded technology platform?

Certainly, sub agents have the capability to create multiple branches, assign staff, and the subagent admin can assess the performance of each branch, among other functionalities.

Is it possible for sub agents to leverage Firmli inventory?

Absolutely, you can integrate Firmli inventory seamlessly into your own inventory and recruit students to 30+ countries.

Are there mobile applications for subagents?

Yes, your company branded mobile applications are available for both subagent admin and staff members.

How is the performance of sub-agents monitored?

We use key performance indicators (KPIs), performance reports, and analytics to monitor the performance of sub-agents and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

How are commissions and bonuses tracked for sub-agents?

We have a robust system in place to track commissions and bonuses earned by sub-agents, providing transparent and accurate compensation for their efforts.

Is there an auto invoice generation feature for agents?

Yes, our system includes an auto invoice generation feature to streamline the invoicing process for agents, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

How are events and promotions of partnered institutions communicated to sub-agents?

You can regularly update sub-agents about upcoming events and promotions through email notifications, the mobile application, and our online portal.

Can we conduct training sessions for sub-agents ?

Yes, you can  conduct training sessions and provide marketing materials to equip sub-agents with the knowledge and tools necessary to promote and capitalize on partnered institutions. 

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What are the key features of multibranch module?

Effectively manage and coordinate activities and enrollments across various branches or locations, ensuring uniformity, teamwork, and the optimal allocation of resources.

Key Feature:

  1. Create unlimited branches
  2. Assign staff to separately manage each branch
  3. Stay insightful with dedicated branch reports & analytics
  4. Branch & Team Performance Dashboards
  5. Centralised multi-branch communication
  6. Role-based access control
  7. Task assignment & analytics reports

How many branches can I create?

You can create unlimited branches and assign staffs at different level  like branch manager, counsellor etc. to each branch.

You can create unlimited branches within the multi-branch module, allowing for scalable expansion and management of diverse branch networks. The system provides the flexibility to establish and manage an unlimited number of branches, accommodating the needs of organizations with expansive branch networks or those planning future expansion.

How can I manage staff across multiple branches?

The multi-branch module allows you to assign dedicated staff members to manage each branch independently, ensuring efficient oversight and operations at the local level. You can designate specific roles such as branch managers, counselors, or administrative staff to oversee operations at each branch, fostering autonomy and accountability while maintaining centralized control.

How can I monitor the performance of individual branches?

The module provides dedicated branch reports and analytics, allowing you to gain insightful metrics and performance indicators specific to each branch. By accessing branch-specific reports and analytics, you can evaluate the operational, financial, and enrollment performance of each branch, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted interventions.

How is access controlled within the multi-branch module?

Role-based access control features are integrated to enable control over user permissions and data access based on predefined roles and responsibilities. It allows you to define distinct access levels for different user roles, ensuring that staff members have appropriate access to relevant information and functionalities based on their responsibilities within the organization.

Can I assign tasks and track their progress across multiple branches?

Yes, it facilitates task assignment and provides analytics reports to monitor task progress and performance across branches. Also, you can assign tasks, track their status, and analyze task-related metrics through the module, promoting accountability, transparency, and efficient task management across the organization's branch network.

How does the module support branch-specific resource allocation?

It facilitates the allocation of resources and support based on the unique needs and performance of each branch, optimizing efficiency and effectiveness. You can tailor resource allocation to address specific challenges and capitalize on opportunities at individual branches, promoting operational efficiency and the achievement of branch-specific goals.

How does the module support unified reporting and analytics across branches?

This feature consolidates reporting and analytics across branches, providing holistic insights into operational, financial, and enrollment metrics. By aggregating data from multiple branches, it enables organizations to generate comprehensive reports and analytics, fostering a unified understanding of performance and facilitating strategic planning and improvement initiatives.


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What is Beyond Technology?

In addition to offering a technology platform, we have inbuilt services for you to grow your revenue. Gain access to all Firmli partnerships without having to secure and maintain agreements with them individually.

How Firmli partnerships help us in grow business?

  • Gain access to an extensive inbuilt program inventory from 1000+ universities, complementing your existing university partnerships.
  • Stay informed with the latest details on institutions, destinations, and entry requirements.
  • Explore integrated accommodation listings for the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe.
  • Access up-to-date information and opportunities related to scholarships.
  • Facilitate education loans for your students through Firmli's financial partners.
  • Earn commissions on various services, including banking services such as GIC accounts, block accounts, student bank accounts, SIM cards, international money transfers, and more.

Are all these features included and integrated on technology platform?

Yes, all the features are available for free and integrated into the platform.

How many destinations does Firmli have in their inbuilt program inventory?

In Firmli's built-in program inventory, there are offerings from 1000+ universities/colleges spanning across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Recruitment/placing students to Firmli program inventory is commissionable?

Yes, you can earn up to 100% commission by facilitating student placements through the Firmli program inventory.
Our inventory is consistently expanding to alleviate the burden on our clients in securing university partnership agreements.

We are recruiting students for the UK and are looking to expand our recruitment efforts to Europe. Is it feasible to receive destination training or information?

Yes, your dashboard will feature all training material and the latest information. Firmli conducts regular free destination training webinars. Additionally, clients have the option to schedule paid one-on-one training sessions if required.

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