Unleash the Power of Comprehensive Tech Stack


The tech stack is the ultimate set of tools, programming languages, and technologies that can develop a robust and scalable application. The tool has the power to build digital products or solutions, for example, websites, mobile applications, and web applications. It consists of two components i.e. the frontend and backend stacks. 

The frontend stack is the client’s side of the applications. It means that anything a consumer can visualize or engage with on a screen. The main goal is to provide a stellar user experience, a smooth and defined interface, and clearly stated internal structures. The three main principles of the frontend stack are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

The backend stack is the server’s side of the applications. It does not look after what a consumer has to engage with. It looks after the internal workings and operational efficiency of the digital product. The backend stack comprises elements such as programming languages, frameworks, web servers, and databases. These two work together and produce scalable products.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the topmost comprehensive tech stack tools. They are different tech stack tools for web development and not all of them are created equally: 


‘LAMP’ is an acronym that stands for Linux (operating system), Apache (HTTP server), MySQL (relational database management), and PHP (programming language). This tech is known for providing the best cost efficiency, flexibility, and great performance. It can run on any system and is open source. For example, WAMP for Microsoft Windows or MAMP for MacOS. 


‘MEAN’ is an acronym that stands for MongoDB (NoSQL databases), Express.js (Backend web framework), Angular.js (frontend framework), and Node.js (server-side Javascript). These technologies are open-source and free. It is useful in providing a practical approach for fast and highly efficient applications. 

3. Python

Python is one of the choicest and fastest-growing languages. The beginner development language is easy to use in software curation and is also taught to the students. The language has become very popular because of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is useful in building website applications by using the popular Django web framework. 


MEVN is a variation of the MEAN tech stack tool. The tool uses the Vue.js web framework instead of Angular.js. It incorporates the best features of Angular and React. Vue.js is an easy web framework for learning, delivering clear programming styles, and can provide stellar performance for digital products. 

5. Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a tech stack tool that uses Ruby, a dynamic programming language. It is a server-side web development written in the Ruby programming language. The tool works well with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the curation of UIs, JSON, and XML for transferring data. It can result in simplifying the entire web development plan. However, Ruby on Rails is an expensive and rare tech stack tool used by developers.